The project focuses on family housing. The energy class B building will be heated by district heating. The apartments will be sold to consumers as owner-occupied apartments in accordance with the City of Helsinki’s principles of price-controlled housing production. The marketing of the apartments has progressed as planned and almost all apartments have been booked in the pre-market.

Toivo’s CEO Markus Myllymäki:

“The project is in line with our strategy and we are proud to contribute to the City of Helsinki’s housing policies through this project as well. We aim to sell around 5–15% of our annual investment volume, as this allows for more efficient use of capital and higher investment volumes. Toivo’s role in the project is to act as the developer, the builder and the seller of the apartments.”

“The construction method in this project is familiar to Toivo. We have a lot of experience with similar projects. We have the necessary expertise and resources to deliver quality housing for residents in a reliable way,” says Urho Myllymäki, Director of Construction at Toivo.