"Together with Ikea, we want to create accessible and inspiring workplaces where local entrepreneurship and business are linked together to develop and grow. We also want to offer an alternative to working from home or commuting to the office and thus simplify everyday life and create a better balance between work and leisure for our visitors," says Memo Hussein, Marketing Manager at Kungens Kurva Shoppingcenter.

The concept is created and designed together with Ikea, which has been responsible for all interior design. The premises are designed to suit different ways of working by combining traditional meeting rooms and workplaces with more relaxed common areas where you can network, be inspired and get new energy.

"With Hej Workshop, we have strived to develop a concept that is both sustainable and healthy. Based on Ikea's design principles to improve people's lives, the premises are designed to be practical, as well as playful and inspiring," says Linton Scarborough, Market Manager at Ikea Kungens kurva.