Toivo has concluded a real estate transaction for a property located in Ramsinranta, Helsinki, with a legally binding zoning plan. The property is to be built on a 3,700-square-metre apartment complex, which comprises more than 80 apartments.

In the project, Toivo will build residences that are sold to consumers and remain in their own ownership. Toivo has been implementing the development of the zoning plan in the area. The project will be executed according to class-A energy standards, and the apartments will be heated by environmentally friendly geothermal energy.

The project will be carried out in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Rantapuisto and the new residents will be able to take advantage of the expanding range of services of the iconic hotel to facilitate their everyday lives. The population of the area and the number of hotel guests are expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

Pre-marketing of dwellings for sale to consumers is expected to start in the coming weeks by Bo LKV. “The location is really unique in a natural environment and I anticipate a high demand for the apartments. Some of the apartments have a view to the sea and it would be nice to live in such an environment,” says Anne Ramsay from Bo LKV.

Toivo aims to complete the project by the turn of 2023 and 2024.

“Toivo has had the honour of developing the cityscape of Ramsranta. There is a clear demand for unique high-quality apartments in the area. Housing construction is to take place at the same time as the hotel's development investments, and the new residents will be able to move into a developed milieu. Cooperation with the Helsinki city planning team has been smooth and the cooperation has been successful,” says Tuomas Hemmilä, Director of Real Estate Development at Toivo.