Maria Sidén has extensive experience from John Mattson, where she was finance and finance director for seven years and participated in the IPO in 2019. She left to become CFO at Veidekke Bygg Sweden in March this year but is now already leaving that role to become CFO at Stenvalvet .

"Stenvalvet is a company that is in a very exciting phase with long-term institutional owners. I am driven by creating value and I look forward to contributing to the company's future development," says Maria Sidén.

"I am very happy that Maria is starting with us. She is a seasoned and confident leader with solid experience from the role of CFO. She has competence in both economics and finance and she is used to working with development issues. She will be able to contribute in a very good way to our continued growth," says Maria Lidström, CEO at Stenvalvet.

Through the recruitment, Stenvalvet strengthens its economics and finance department to continue developing the work with long-term profitability and wise growth. Maria Sidén will be part of the management team and will start at Stenvalvet during the autumn/winter.