RED confirms that the company has engaged with Costco in an agreement that aims to enable the establishment of a 15,000 sqm large new retail warehouse in Bernstorp on the land recently purchased by RED.

 The ambition is to target a grand opening in 2024 and the companies are now working alongside in order to secure the timeline. The new Costco aims to target the whole of the Öresunds-region and will further strengthen Bernstorp's role as a regional retail area. The establishment is expected to generate in the range of 250 new employment opportunities. This will be the US based retailer's second project in the Swedish market after the planned new location in Täby, Stockholm which is scheduled to open later this year. 

“We have delivered Bauhaus, attracted Biltema, filled the area with attractive strong retail concepts, added service to the area and now we are topping this off with 15,000 sqm Costco. We have succeeded in a historic turnaround of the retail area and defined Bernstorp as a destination. Bernstorp, the retail area in the Öresund region,” says Ronald Rico CEO at RED.