"We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Evolv. As we work actively with green deliveries, it is important that our terminals are powered by renewable electricity from solar panels and we are proud to see this included in our new terminals," says Pontus Håstlund, Nordic General Manager at Budbee.

In total, the solar panels will cover a rooftop area equal to the size of one and a half football fields. With a capacity approximately 1.4 megawatts, the solar panels will produce as much electricity as the logistics facilities are expected to consume.

"We develop and manage modern logistics properties with large flat roofs. Adding solar panels creates value on many fronts, both financial and environmental but also in terms of energy security. Budbee has an ambitious sustainability agenda that fully aligns with our goals, for example that all new production projects shall have environmental certification and on-site solar energy," says Lars Axelsson, Head of Evolv and Partner at Slättö.

LUMA Energy has provided several of Evolv’s properties with solar panels and more photovoltaic projects are being planned.

"We are happy and proud to collaborate with Evolv and Budbee, who together contribute to a more renewable future by producing their own electricity using solar panels. Evolv is a conscious property owner who actively works with sustainability and innovation and is growing fast. It is exciting to follow, and be a part of, their journey, says Hugo Larsson," Vice President and co-founder of Luma Energy.