Citycon has signed lease agreements with LPP Finland for the arrival of the group’s two fashion brands in Lippulaiva, Trio and Iso Omena. Sinsay will be opened in both Lippulaiva and Trio soon at the beginning of the year. Cropp stores will be opened in Iso Omena and Trio over next spring and summer.

The youth focused Sinsay fashion chain will broaden the fashion selections of Lippulaiva and Trio at the beginning of the year. The size of the store in Lippulaiva, located in Espoo, will be approximately 900 square metres and the size of the store in Trio, located in Lahti, will be approximately 800 square metres. Trio’s Sinsay is the first store of the LPP Group owned brand in Finland outside of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Inspired by social media and the young influencers of the fashion world, the clothing brand offers the latest fashion trends for the whole family at a reasonable price. In addition to fashion, Sinsay’s product selection also includes home decorations, makeup and skincare products.

Also representing youth-focused, urban style, Cropp is coming to Trio and Iso Omena. The size of the Cropp store that will be opened in Iso Omena in spring will be over 700 square metres, and the size of the Cropp store that will be opened in Trio in summer will be approximately 500 square metres.

The Sinsay and Cropp store chains belong to LPP Group, whose other well-known brands include Reserved, House and Mohito. Founded in 1991, LPP is a Polish clothing company that employs over 24,000 people. The group has over 1,700 stores in nearly 40 countries all over the world.

“Opening the stores in Citycon shopping centres has been an important and strategical decision, as we wish to be closer to our customers. We want to open our stores in the best business locations and find customers interested in fashion in both big and small cities”, emphasizes Managing Director at LPP Finland Kaidi Kask.

“We are very happy about the lease agreements we have signed with LPP Finland. It is great to get to start cooperation with them on the Finnish market as well. There have already been LPP Group’s fashion stores for years in the Citycon centres in Estonia, Rocca al Mare and Kristiine keskus. Signing several simultaneous lease agreements also shows our ability to offer to brands many excellent places of business in Finland and all of our countries of operation,” says Jussi Vyyryläinen, Vice President, Leasing.