Christina Hansson, Head of Property Management at John Mattson for over three years and with the same length of time in company management, had previously announced her intention to leave the company for a position as CEO of Tilia Fastigheter AB. Christina Hansson will remain in her position at John Mattson until the beginning of December.

Two managers have been appointed to increase focus on property management. Responsibility for property management will be shared between Maria Wirén, Head of Property Management Residential, and Fredrik Ward, Head of Property Management Commercial and Technology. Per Nilsson, CEO, will assume the overall responsibility for property management. Maria Wirén and Fredrik Ward have assumed their new positions and have been co-opted members of John Mattson’s company management since mid-November.

To achieve a cohesive project development business from the early stages through to completion, the business development and project development departments will now be merged. As a consequence of this, Martin Landerby, Head of Project Development and Technology and member of company management since 2020, will terminate his employment at John Mattson. Martin Landerby will remain in his role until 1 February 2023.

“I would like to extend a warm thank you to both Christina and Martin, who have made significant contributions in their respective fields during their years at John Mattson and contributed considerably to John Mattson’s journey of growth from a Lidingö-based family company to a listed company that is operational in several municipalities in the Stockholm region. I wish both of them all the best with their new positions and continued careers. At the same time, I would like to welcome Maria and Fredrik to their new positions in property management with a clear focus on both residential and commercial premises,” says Per Nilsson, CEO of John Mattson.

Following the change, John Mattson’s company management will consist of:

Per Nilsson, CEO

Mattias Lundström, CFO

Daniel Fornbrandt, Head of Business and Project Development

Mari Edberg, Head of Communications

Co-opted members of company management:

Maria Wirén, Head of Property Management Residential

Fredrik Ward, Head of Property Management Commercial and Technology