“It is fantastic that we’ve been given the go-ahead to start construction of Brf Utsikten when so many other players are stepping on the brakes. We are now looking forward to working with NCC to build more homes in Skellefteå,” says Jenny Elveljung, Head of Sales and Marketing at Riksbyggens Bostad Norr.

The contract comprises two ten-story tower blocks with a connecting basement-level garage. The Brf Utsikten project comprises a total of 75 tenant-owned apartments, with occupancy scheduled for 2025.

“We have an established partnership with Riksbyggen in Skellefteå from when we built Brf Viktoriastrand together. We are very proud to have received their trust again, and are looking forward to starting up the construction of Utsikten together as well,” says Andreas Wikman, Commercial Manager NCC Building Sweden.

Brf Utsikten is a turnkey project in partnering form and will meet the requirements for a Miljöbyggnad Silver rating. The pre-construction phase will commence in January 2023. NCC has previously built Viktoriastrand on behalf of Riksbyggen, an area in central Skellefteå with 105 tenant-owned apartments in three phases that was completed in 2020.

The contract is valued at approximately SEK 175 million and the order will be registered in the NCC Building Sweden business area in the fourth quarter of 2022.