As Chief Commercial Officer, Laamanen will be responsible for the renting of homes to private and corporate customers, SATO’s marketing and communications, and digital customer experience development. The commercial organisation at SATO employs around 50 professionals in the fields of sales, marketing, communications and business development. Laura Laamanen reports to President and CEO Antti Aarnio.

“Laamanen has a solid track record in the successful development of marketing, communications and the digital customer experience, and also perspectives into a holistic commercial view. Her experience will support the implementation of SATO’s strategy and the further improvement of the customer experience we provide,” SATO President and CEO Antti Aarnio says. 

“Customer experience enhancement, particularly on digital platforms, along with responsibility and sustainability in rental housing are at the very core of SATO’s strategy. I am very much looking forward to further opportunities to work together with SATO colleagues as well as our stakeholders,” notes Chief Commercial Officer Laura Laamanen.