Tuomas Laitinen has been responsible for managing SATO’s housing business in the Tampere region since 20 March 2023. He reports to Elina Vaurasalo, Executive Vice President, Housing Business. Laitinen’s previous experience is in sales management and development with KONE and L&T. 

“I am thrilled to be joining SATO with its vast real estate expertise and amazing workforce. My contribution to SATO will be people-centred management, a coaching approach and out-of-the-box thinking. I am really excited to bring my expertise to bear on sales development as well, because it is an area where I have solid experience,” Regional Director Tuomas Laitinen says. 

“Tampere has been rated the most appealing city in Finland and migration gain brings it considerable growth each year. The rental market is going through a challenging phase and rental housing providers are in fierce competition in Tampere, too. Nonetheless, I believe that SATO’s uniquely skilled team of housing professionals will let us keep on providing the best customer experience in the industry, which is why I have great confidence in our future,” Laitinen continues.