In recent years, OP has transformed from a housing development company to a classic property company with a portfolio primarily consisting of industry, logistics and commercial properties. With today's property portfolio of approximately SEK seven billion and rental income of approximately SEK 420 million, there are good conditions for continuing to create a well-functioning platform, even in the new interest rate environment.

However, the board and Oscar Engelbert have jointly decided that the new interest rate and market situation requires a new CEO with a solid manager profile. The next two years for OP, as well as for many other listed property companies, are about property management and continued savings. Carl's long experience in financing, management and cost savings is well suited to further reduce OP's debt ratio and interest costs.

"I have been operationally responsible at OP for 19 years, 10 of which as stock exchange CEO. As many know, my vocation is to build fantastic houses and develop, not to manage, people like Carl Janglin are much better at that. I keep my shares and of course remain on the board,” says Oscar Engelbert, largest owner and outgoing CEO of Oscar Properties.

"As a consequence of OP's journey of change and new direction, we on the board have reviewed the operational management. With Carl Janglin as the new CEO, Oscar Properties has a good chance of reducing both vacancies and debt further, even with the current interest rate. We thank Oscar for his efforts as CEO and continue our collaboration on the board," says Peter Norman, chairman of Oscar Properties.

“Oscar Properties has created an exciting portfolio of well-diversified properties that deliver stable, inflation-protected cash flows. As CEO, I hope to create stability and trust, where the focus is initially on financing, management and cost control. A stable foundation to build the company on from,” says Carl Janglin.

"It has been important to me in recent years to personally be involved in implementing OP's change and creating a new platform. My ambition was that we would have a larger portfolio and stability on the day I hand over, but when we met Carl, both I and the board felt that he is better suited to manage the company," concludes Oscar Engelbert.