Four of the properties included in the acquisition are located in Rosersberg with Åhléns, Kicks and Sellpy as tenants. The land area of 16,000 square meters consists of expansion land next to Åhléns property, which allows the construction of approximately 12,000 square meters of new logistics space. The fifth property consists of a vacant property of 20,400 square meters of leasable space under construction in Eskilstuna Logistikpark.

The property that Åhléns rents contains 37,500 square meters of leasable space and was completed in December 2021. The Åhléns property includes an adjacent plot of 16,000 square meters that enables the possible construction of approximately 12,000 square meters of new logistics space.

In the same area, two properties are being built that are leased to Kicks and Sellpy. The properties are ready for occupancy on September 1st this year and have a leasable area of 41,481 square meters and 20,400 square meters respectively.

In Eskilstuna Logistikpark, Bockasjö is building a vacant logistics property of 20,400 square meters of leasable space, which will be completed at the turn of the year.

The property of Åhléns and the plot of land will be accessed immediately. The Kicks and Sellpy properties will be taken over on 1 October this year, and the property in Eskilstuna will be taken over spring 2024.

The properties in Rosersberg are close to the E4, Arlanda Airport and Stockholm, which creates great opportunities for companies that want to establish their logistics operations in the area. In addition, most properties are environmentally certified according to Breeam and generate green electricity using solar cells.

“We are extremely proud and happy about our acquisitions in Rosersberg and Eskilstuna. The collaboration with Bockasjö has been excellent. They develop properties that align with our business, which is very positive. For Logicenter’s account, this is one of the larger deals in Sweden and we look forward to further expand our presence in these attractive areas. It will be exciting to collaborate with existing operations and to welcome new tenants who want to run efficient logistics operations,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO at Logicenters.

“The deal we are doing together with Logicenters, Bockasjö and Kilenkrysset Sweden is strong proof that good relationships, fine collaborations and professional creation in the form of construction and development lead to positive conditions for both property owners and tenants. I have strong confidence that Logicenters will manage these properties very well, as they have done with our previous deals. I have a very positive view of the future,” says Jan Persson, CEO and owner of Kilenkrysset.

“This deal is a statement of strength in a difficult market. Logicenters has the capacity and muscle to be able to carry out a major deal at a time when many are waiting – that’s strong. The properties we sell are state-of-the-art and adapted to a high environmental standard with solar cells installed on all four properties and located in strategic logistics locations – Rosersberg and Eskilstuna. Logicenters is a leading professional owner of logistics properties with a significant portfolio, which guarantees good management of the properties,” says Joakim Hedin CEO of Bockasjö AB.


“It feels very positive that it is Logicenters who will become the new owner of the property that we jointly built together with Bockasjö. The property where Sellpy joins as a tenant has all the criteria for a modern and climate-smart building,” says Annika Persson, CEO and owner of Kilenkrysset Sweden.