Stockholm Globe Arena, one of Sweden’s most visited event venues, was inaugurated in 1989. NCC constructed the arena, which was completed with the SkyView glass gondolas in 2010. Two years ago, Stockholm Globe Arena was renamed Avicii Arena. NCC will now renovate and modernize Avicii Arena.

“For a number of years, and within the framework of Stockholm City Council’s decision, SGA Fastigheter has been working on identifying the optimal manner in which to wisely and responsibly upgrade the fantastic Avicii Arena, Globen, for the future. We have engaged some of Europe’s foremost international consultants in designing the renovation and we are now welcoming NCC as a partner so that we can work closely in partnership to ensure that the iconic arena continues in its role as one of the world’s most fantastic arenas,” says Mats Viker, CEO of SGA Fastigheter.

NCC’s assignment encompasses the renovation and modernization of the arena space. The arena’s flexibility will be increased with the aim of creating a more intimate audience experience. NCC will also build new gondola lounges and a new structure, a ring, above the arena’s equator. The ring structure will be utilized in the construction of a new rig and a structure for movable panels.

“Updating a building of such uniqueness and complexity as the Avicii Arena must be carried out carefully, with respect for the building’s historic appearance, yet remaining focused on modern requirements and technology. We are very proud to return to this landmark that NCC has built and developed, and is now going to modernize,” says Henrik Landelius, Business Area Manager at NCC Building Sweden.

Avicii Arena is one of Stockholm’s most well-known buildings. Stockholm City Museum has also given the building blue listed building status, which means that it is considered particularly valuable and has “extremely high cultural and historical value.” SGA Fastigheter and NCC have worked together with an international design team to safeguard these values.

The project is scheduled for completion in early 2025. The total order value is approximately SEK 700 million and will be registered in the NCC Building Sweden business area in the second quarter of 2023.