“I have informed Nyfosa’s nomination committee that I intend to leave Nyfosa’s board of directors in connection with next year’s annual general meeting. Hereafter, I intend to focus on my chairmanship in Fastighetsbolaget Emilshus AB, where I also hold, for me, a significant ownership stake. In addition, there are a number of other board assignments,” says Johan Ericsson.

“Johan has served as director of the board since the initial public offering in November 2018 and as chairman of the board since May 2019. With his extensive experience from real estate transactions, Johan has contributed to build Nyfosa’s property portfolio with strong cash flows in various segments and markets. Although Johan will continue to serve as chairman of the board in full force until the annual general meeting, I would like to this opportunity to thank him for his contribution,” says Johannes Wingborg, chairman of the nomination committee.