"The write-down does not affect our current operations but reflects the current global situation with greater uncertainty in the financial markets and higher yield requirements. We focus on continuing to strengthen our position through investments, continued improvement work and new lettings, which will increase the operating net and thus our property values in the long term," says Thomas Holm, the company's CEO and founder.


Behind the write-down are several factors that worked in opposite directions. The valuation has taken into account that the yield requirements have been raised on properties as a result of rising interest rates, which has had a negative impact on property values. At the same time, improvement work, new lettings and investments have led to improvements in the operating net, which has had a positive impact in the form of improved cash flows. Overall, they outweigh the negative effects, which resulted in a write-down of property values.


Compared to the corresponding time a year ago, the total property value has decreased by approximately SEK 0.4 billion (approximately EUR 36.4 million) from approximately SEK 15.2 billion (approximately EUR 1.38 billion).