The leasable area for the five properties amounts to approximately 20,000 sqm and are industrial, office and warehouse areas.
The purchase price for the shares amount to approximately EUR 7M and will partially be paid through a cash issue of Acrinova shares EUR 2M and a share price of EUR 6.6 per share. The remaining EUR 5M are paid through cash and credits.
After the acquisition the seller Per Sjöbohm will be a part of Acrinova’s organization by working with the management in Landskrona/Helsingborg.
“It’s great to see such well-kept properties so it will be our pleasure to take over Per’s real estate portfolio. With his wide knowledge in the real estate industry, Per will bring competence to the table that further widens and increases the competence in the company”, says Ulf Wallén, CEO at Acrinova.