The contract is the first of three separate subprojects that are part of the Akutspåret project and for which suborders are placed independently. In this subproject, NCC will remodel nursing wards to create single rooms with their own WC and shower, build an integrated rehabilitation ward and install new technical systems for the entire building. The contract also includes the renovation of the clinic, day care center and rehabilitation facility for stroke and neurological care.

“Effective cooperation between Region Jönköping and NCC through the partnering agreement for Akutspåret has culminated in an order for the first subproject for the Ryhov County Hospital. This cooperation paves the way for subsequent stages in the partnering agreement,” says Thomas Svärd, construction project manager at Regionfastigheter Jönköping.

Hospital construction places high demands on state-of-the-art and technical solutions that must function effectively over time. NCC has solid experience of new construction and refurbishment and expansion of existing hospital buildings. For some time now, NCC has been involved in several hospital projects, including in Västerås, Eskilstuna, Gävle and Nyköping. The Ryhov County Hospital was built between 1980 and 1988 by a consortium comprising ABV, SIAB and Skanska. ABV and SIAB are now part of NCC. During 2018–2020, NCC carried out an expansion and modernization of the hospital.

“It is extremely gratifying to be part of constructing the healthcare of the future together with Region Jönköping at Ryhov County Hospital. As Sweden’s largest hospital builder, with many specialists and extensive experience from other hospitals, we are convinced that we can guarantee a result that meets future healthcare needs,” says Andreas Saltin, Commercial Manager, NCC Building Sweden.

The order value is SEK 220 million and will be registered among orders in the NCC Building Sweden business area in the fourth quarter