In accordance with Oscar Propeties' press release on October 23, 2023 and November 8, 2023, the company has received notification from, among others, DNB regarding the termination of secured loans amounting to approximately SEK 1.6 billion that certain subsidiaries of the company have taken out and which the company has entered into a guarantee commitment for immediate payment as a result of non-payment of interest and fees.


Oscar Properties has been informed that DNB intends, starting on November 28, 2023, to start taking measures to enforce collateral placed over shares in some of the company's property-owning subsidiaries as well as loans granted to such subsidiaries. According to Oscar Properties' latest valuation, the underlying properties that may be covered by the enforcement have a value of approximately three billion kroner.


Oscar Properties continues to work with its other creditors to find a solution regarding other parts of the group.