Since the company was founded in September 2020, Stenhus has worked intensively with the company's growth and cash flow. the company's business concept is to create a diversified property portfolio over time to generate the highest possible risk-adjusted return for the company's shareholders. During this time, Stenhus has also integrated its sustainability work into the business model, which enables Stenhus to work according to its goal of satisfying today's needs without jeopardizing future generations' opportunities to do the same.


Since the beginning, the company has worked to complete projects, consolidate the property portfolio and refinance in order to be secure and continue to be cash flow oriented in the future. With this, Stenhus has now begun the work of changing the list, from Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market to Nasdaq Stockholm's main list. The aim is that this work is expected to be completed in 2024/2025, with a list change as a result.


In connection with the list change, the Company's strategy for continued secure growth for Stenhus shareholders will be reviewed, which also includes the financial and operational goals.

"This list change is an exciting step in Stenhus' continued growth journey and we look forward with confidence and joy to meeting additional shareholders on the main list," says CEO Elias Georgiadis.