The existing building is an old school, with a gross area of about 2,600 square meters that will be connected to an annex. In addition to these buildings, which will comprise Ångermanland District Court, NCC will also demolish a building from the 1950s that was part of the school.

“We aim to build for the future, meaning that no significant measures will need to be taken over the next 30 years. This places high requirements on identifying solutions and materials that have a long service life. NCC has considerable experience of constructing classified buildings and we are looking forward to constructing our new district court together with the company,” says Henrik Fredriksson, CEO Smedjan Samhällsfastigheter AB.


The annex has a gross area of about 2,800 square meters across three floors. Considerable focus will be placed on the choice of materials, design, details and implementation. The park area adjacent to the building will be preserved and the site where the existing buildings will be demolished will be used for parking, loading bays and a reception area for detainees.

“We are delighted to have been entrusted by Smedjan Samhällsfastigheter and the Swedish National Courts Administration to create a future workplace for Ångermanland District Court. Classified projects are both exciting and challenging as they place particularly high requirements on communication, logistics and information security. It is important to achieve the right flows for the people who will use the building, whether they are personnel or detainees,” says Petter Lundqvist, Business Manager at NCC Building in Norrland.


The order value is approximately SEK 180 million and it will be registered among orders in the NCC Building Sweden business area in the first quarter of 2024. The start of construction is planned for April 2024 and completion is scheduled for March 2026.