Rovaniemi Koulukaari is a recently completed child day-care centre in Muurola, part of the city of Rovaniemi. It welcomes up to 100 children on a daily basis for either full- or parttime childhood education and pre-primary education. The day-care centre is operated by the city of Rovaniemi.


Oulu Mäntypellonpolku is a new child day-care centre in Oulunsalo, part of the city of Oulu. Since its opening in October 2022, it welcomes up to 150 children on a daily basis for childhood education and pre-primary education. The day-care centre is operated by the city of Oulu.


Sustainability was taken into account in the construction of the care properties. The buildings are equipped with energy-efficient systems and use district heating. This is reflected in high performance EPC3 ratings (‘A’ or ‘B’) for each of these buildings, contributing to the continued improvement of the sustainability of the Group’s real estate portfolio.


Aedifica acquired ownership of both buildings on 29 December 2023. The total contractual value amounts to approx. EUR 8.5 million. The care properties in Rovaniemi and Oulu are let on the basis of new irrevocable double net leases of 25 years and 20 years, respectively. The average initial rental yield amounts to approx. 6.5 percent.

“Aedifica continues to underpin the quality of its Finnish real estate portfolio by investing approx. EUR 8.5 million in the acquisition of two brand-new children day-care centres, both operated by Finnish cities. Following this transaction, the share of public operators in our Finnish portfolio amounts to 20 percent,” says Stefaan Gielens, CEO of Aedifica.

“The leases we have signed for these buildings are for 20 years and more. Both properties are publicly operated by the cities of Oulu and Rovaniemi, with whom we have collaborated on other projects in the past. We look forward to continuing this excellent cooperation in these new properties,” says Atte Nittylä, CEO of Hoivatilat.