Oulun Energia’s employees will get to move into new permanent and modern premises after two years spent in temporary facilities.


Oulun Energia’s strategic goal is to build Finland’s most energetic workplace. It is important for the company that the new premises support this goal and enable employees to have well-located premises that support active encounters and take different types of work into account. Oulun Energia’s employees have been working in temporary facilities since the property on Kasarmintie, which was owned by the City of Oulu, was demolished in 2022. The company has been seeking new suitable premises ever since.

“I am very pleased that we are finally able to work together in a new way and look to the future. The new premises will enable us to have a better sense of community and a flow of information, something that is necessary even in the midst of the energy transition. In addition, the premises are located in a central and developing area in the vicinity of the railway station that is easy to reach,” states Arto Sutinen, Managing Director at Oulun Energia.

“The media industry is undergoing a period of transition and is developing in a rapid cycle. At the same time, the work model is becoming more and more hybrid. We want to develop our operations independently of the premises, which is why the time for the sale was right. It is great that the property will remain in the hands of others from Oulu,” says Juha Laakkonen, Managing Director at Kaleva Media.


Kaleva Media will move to the Oulu city centre in the summer of 2024.

“It is good for a media company to be in the middle of people, in the heart of the city,” adds Juha Laakkonen.