Rimforsa school consists of several buildings from the 1950s and onwards. Some parts of the school will be retained and refurbished, while other parts will be demolished and rebuilt. The new building will have two floors with classrooms, a cloakroom, recreation areas, and a kitchen with a canteen that will connect to the existing school building. The project includes a refurbishment of the existing brick buildings, which will contain classrooms, premises for administration and student health, and a school library. Refurbishment and renovation of the outdoor area will be handled by NCC.

“The has project started off with good cooperation and dialogue. We have now agreed on the design and costs and been granted a building permit to commence construction. The first step with NCC as the contractor will be to demolish the canteen, and then parts of the school will be relocated and one area will be closed off for the safety of students and staff,” says Ida Härnström, project manager for Kinda Municipality.


The aim is to use and develop the school’s existing buildings and outdoor area, and to improve flows in the buildings. Surfaces such as floors, walls, tiling, doors, fixtures and ceilings will be replaced in the existing building and given the same design as the newly built section to harmonize the design throughout the school.

“During the initial phase of the project, we have worked efficiently and purposefully to develop a product that meets the Municipality’s requirements in terms of content, quality, aesthetics and, not least, budget targets. It is very gratifying that we have now agreed to take the next step in the process and start building Rimforsa’s new school,” says Jonas Leijon, Head of Project at NCC Building Sweden in Linköping.


The order value is approximately SEK 150 million and will be registered in the NCC Building Sweden business area in the first quarter of 2024. The project will commence in the second quarter of 2024 and is scheduled for completion in autumn 2026.