"We are continuing our strategic and profitable expansion of the property portfolio through another acquisition in the middle of our core market Stockholm. The property complements Folksamgruppen's property portfolio well and is a property that is stable in all rental market situations. Our focus on sought-after office properties in attractive locations remains firm. When the right given the opportunity, the Folksam group will further increase its property portfolio. The property will be incorporated into our systematic work to ensure high sustainability performance in our portfolio in order to achieve our climate goals," says Jonas Bjuggren, Property Director at Folksam.


A well-balanced spread of risk in the investment portfolio ensures a stable return even in times of economic uncertainty, and Folksamgruppen's investments in real estate contribute to this, the company themselves believe.


Folksamgruppen is one of Sweden's largest investors and manages approximately SEK 600 billion, of which close to SEK 60 billion in directly owned properties. In total, Folksamgruppen is responsible for approximately SEK 900 billion, including mutual fund insurance assets. According to the company, the customers' money must give a good return while contributing to the transition to a more sustainable society.


Folksamgruppen invests in attractive properties for both residents and businesses, mainly in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne. It is Folksam Sak that acquires the property. In accordance with the agreement with the seller, Folksam has decided not to publish the purchase price.