The deal means that Svenska Handelsfastigheter will have two main owners who, through their increased ownership, also confirm their commitment to continue supporting the company's long-term development. The acquisition takes place at market value and the deal is expected to be completed in June 2024.

"We get two main owners with clearer roles, which creates a stable foundation and roadmap for future expansion and long-term sustainable growth," says Thomas Holm, CEO of Svenska Handelsfastigheter.


The plan going forward is to build on Svenska Handelsfastigheter's well-diversified and strong portfolio based on close and long-term relationships with leading retailers. In practice, this means a continued focus on countercyclical tenants in the low-price and consumer goods segments. The strategy has been very successful so far and contributed to Svenska Handelsfastigheter being the market leader in commercial real estate with a portfolio of approximately SEK 15 billion.