The properties comprise a rentable area of approximately 5,710 square meters and are located in five Swedish municipalities. The estimated total annual rental income, including additions, amounts to approximately SEK 14.4 million and the average remaining lease term is 8.8 years. With these deals, Stenhus is leaving the towns of Hässleholm and Växjö, which is expected to have a positive effect on the company's management costs. The main use for the properties is fast-food restaurants in the consumer durables/grocery retail segment.


The proceeds from the sale will be used to repay secured loans and thereby strengthen Stenhus' financial position and reduce the company's interest costs. The sale is considered as a whole to have no significant impact on the company's management results as the earnings for the properties sold are on par with the average interest cost on the loans that are intended to be repaid.

"The sales are a step for us to streamline the management work by concentrating our property holdings in prioritized locations," says Elias Georgiadis, CEO of Stenhus Fastigheter.