DNB is one of the leading Nordic players in banking, finance and insurance. It is now clear that the Swedish branch's head office is leaving Regeringsgatan and moving to Hamngatan 15 and premises of approximately 8,300 square meters in the property Styrpinnen 19 and adjoining premises in the neighboring property Styrpinnen 22. Move-in will take place in 2027.


The new office will have a central role in the business. DNB has expanded strongly in Sweden in recent years and the continued growth journey is an important reason for the investment in the office. Humlegården's property has a very central location at Norrmalmstorg and Kungsträdgården, which increases accessibility for both customers and employees and gives DNB the opportunity to take a place in the urban space.


The ambitions with the new premises are to strengthen the brand by creating welcoming and representative spaces for customers and visitors as well as an attractive work environment for the company's approximately 500 employees. The investment creates large areas for events, lectures and larger gatherings. In the work with the development of the premises, Humlegården's circular principles will be implemented, which aim to achieve a reduced climate impact.

"Finding a new office that we can really make our own by creating flexible, creative solutions and an inspiring work environment has been in focus, something we really found at Hamngatan 15. Sustainability is of course central to us, an office with a low climate footprint through smart circular solutions are completely in line with our business strategy. We are very happy about our collaboration with Humlegården and look forward to welcoming both employees, customers and partners to Hamngatan," says Elisabeth Beskow, CEO of DNB Sweden.


The location at Norrmalmstorg is one of Stockholm's best. This historic place has served as the city's financial center since the turn of the last century, and many banking and financial operations still have their headquarters in the quarters. The building that is now home to DNB was built in 1881 and is known to many Stockholmers as the MEA house, Militär Ekiperingsaktiebolaget, which later became a fashion department store with a central role in the city's trade for over a hundred years.

"We are very happy to welcome DNB to Hamngatan 15. The fact that we are in the heart of Stockholm's financial center makes the establishment feel like a perfect match, of course. We are proud that, together with DNB, we can contribute to realizing their ambitions to create an office that becomes a dynamic arena for the bank's employees and customers," says Anneli Jansson, CEO of Humlegården Fastigheter.