The move will take place in several stages, starting in September 2024. After the move, Scandinova’s total floor space will amount to approximately 5,750 square meters, a significant increase from the current 4,000 square meters.

The premises, located in the adjacent property at Typsnittsgatan 11, will accommodate both production and storage facilities.

"It is very gratifying that we have been given the opportunity to expand into neighboring premises. This gives us excellent conditions to continue our growth journey and support our customers in achieving new advancements," says Niklas Edling, CEO of ScandiNova.

In recent years, the demand for ScandiNova's products has increased across a variety of applications, including cancer radiotherapy, industrial X-ray, weather radar, and various science applications. Areas where the company’s pulse modulators and RF units are critical subsystems that contribute to increased performance, quality and reduced energy consumption.

"We are pleased to offer Scandinova the opportunity for continued growth in our premises in Fyrislund. Where they will be well taken care of by our local partner Reimnor," says Eric Bergström, CEO of Regio and Partner at Brunswick Real Estate.