In pictures: Serneke's new vision for Cirkustomten

Sweden Sweden — Third time's the charm for Serneke who, in collaboration with Semrén & Månsson and Mareld arkitekter, has now produced a new proposal for the design of the much-talked-about Cirkustomten in central Gothenburg. See the illustrations and read more about the project that Serneke has been working on since 2016 when the land was first granted to the company.

How Doxa will work to realise the values in Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Doxa's CEO Victor Persson is dissatisfied with the company's negative results during the first quarter and the write-downs in Serneke that they are forced to make, but he takes note of the positive sale of the building rights in Karlastaden and he believes that the transaction market is very close to a turnaround. Here he tells more about this in an interview with Nordic Property News.

Doxa writes down the value of Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Doxa announces that the company will report a lower full-year result compared to what was previously communicated in the company's year-end communiqué for 2023.

Karlastaden deal completed

Sweden Sweden — Balder and Serneke have completed the sale of building rights in Karlastaden, Gothenburg, to Förvaltnings AB Framtiden.

Balder in transaction with Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Balder buys a hotel building in Karlatornet and sells building rights in Barkarby to Serneke.

Framtiden's CEO on the major acquisition in Karlastaden: "Careful agreement"

Sweden Sweden — On Monday, a dialogue lasting several months between public municipally owned AB Framtiden and Doxa, Balder and Serneke resulted in an agreement on a transaction in Karlastaden in Gothenburg. The deal is in the SEK 1 billion range (approximately EUR 86 million) and for Framtiden it means the opportunity to build between 300 and 400 homes. CEO Terje Johansson reveals more about their reasoning behind seeking out the troika in Karlastaden. He also comments on the turmoil in the municipally owned company Poseidon at the beginning of the year.

Ola Serneke's unexpected new dream project: "Really big"

Sweden Sweden — Heart and brain, these are two qualities that have been driving forces for Ola Serneke in the big investment he made in growing Serneke into the company it is today. Now that it is getting close to the year after the Doxa deal, he talks about what plans and dreams he has going forward.

Serneke and Balder sell 151,000 sqm of building rights in Karlastaden to Framtiden

Sweden Sweden — Serneke and Balder sell approximately 151,000 square meters of building rights in Karlastaden to Gothenburg's public property group AB Framtiden. The deal consists partly of two blocks that are transferred to 100 percent, and partly of four blocks that are transferred to 74 percent, with Serneke and Balder as continuing co-owners of 26 percent. The purchase price amounts to approximately SEK 1 billion and also includes a unilateral option to buy back the building rights in the four part-owned blocks no later than September 2027. The deal is expected to have a neutral profit effect for Doxa.

Serneke sells non-strategic holdings – to Ola Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Serneke sells its holding in the sports complex Prioritet Serneke Arena in Gothenburg and the auto retailer 7H Bil AB in Kinna to a company owned by Ola Serneke. Sales are part of restructuring and refining Serneke.

Doxa to lay off 25 Serneke employees

Sweden Sweden — The forms for Doxa's planned division of Serneke into two separate companies, one for contracting and one for property development, have now been decided, the company announces. With this, Serneke Group AB's group functions cease, which affects a total of approximately 75 employees, of which approximately 25 positions will disappear through notice of termination due to a lack of work, the company writes in a press release.

This is how Doxa will increase the value of Serneke

Sweden Sweden — CEO Victor Persson talks about why the valuation of Serneke went up over 200 million after the acquisition, the strengths of Karlatornet and how Doxa will realize maximum value in the previously listed company.

After Karlatornet – here is Serneke's next skyskraper project

Sweden Sweden — The 141 meter high building will be Lund's tallest building when the project for Torgkvarteren in Brunnshög is completed. Now the building plan, which contains approximately 55,000 square meters of buildings in two blocks, is close to getting the green light.

Serneke concentrates the business – closes local offices up North

Sweden Sweden — Serneke Sweden is implementing changes in its contracting operations which will result in the Middle and North regions ceasing to be part of the company's regional structure.

Milestone reached for Karlatornet – long interview with Ola Serneke and Erik Selin

Sweden Sweden — The time has come for the first people to move into Karlatornet, the Gothenburg skyskraper that is the tallest building in the Nordics. For some, the wait has been long – especially for Ola Serneke. Nordic Property News was present when a tour of the entrance and the viewing apartment on the 25th floor was given. Balder's CEO Erik Selin was also in the apartment, who, like Ola Serneke, gave his view on the situation going forward.

Michael Berglin leaves Serneke

Sweden Sweden — After eleven years at Serneke, Michael Berglin has now left the company and his role as CEO. For Nordic Property News, he comments on the decision.

K-Fastigheter acquires building right from Serneke

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has acquired yet another building right in Gothenburg. The building right is for approximately 124 rental apartments. The acquisition is made from a company within the Serneke Group.

Doxa calls for compulsory redemption – Serneke applies for delisting

Sweden Sweden — Doxa, which after completion of the public takeover bid holds more than 90 per cent (excluding the shares owned by the company itself), of the shares and votes in Serneke Group has called for compulsory redemption of the remaining shares in Serneke.

Ola Serneke after the takeover: "There has been plenty of questions about Doxa"

Sweden Sweden — This Monday, the bid was completed which has now meant that Doxa has taken over more than 90 percent of Serneke Group. Ola Serneke, founder and previous CEO, says to Nordic Property News that it will be fun to enter a new and larger context.

Doxa's CEO: "A Friendly Offer after Close Dialogue"

Sweden Sweden — Doxa's CEO Victor Persson tells Nordic Property News about the work leading up to the company's billion-dollar bid for Serneke, why a takeover attracts so much and Karlatornet's part in Serneke's attractiveness.

Ola Serneke: "We Were a Company That Never Gave Up"

Sweden Sweden — Yesterday it became clear that Doxa has submitted a takeover offer for Serneke Group. Ola Serneke, founder of Serneke, says to Nordic Property News that he is positive to the offer that means that company can get a broad and stable owner base. Now Jan C Johansson, Serneke group's chairman, also comments on the potential takeover "We didn't contact Doxa".

Doxa Makes Public Offer for Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Doxa has made an offer for all the series B shares in Serneke. The board of directors of Serneke unanimously recommends the shareholders of Serneke to accept the public offer made by Doxa.

K-Fastigheter Buys Building Right from Serneke

Sweden Sweden — K-Fastigheter has acquired a building right for approximately 110 rental apartments in Ale municipality. The acquisition is made from a company within the Serneke Group and regards all the shares in the company that owns the property Ale Utby 3:113. A legally binding zoning plan is in place.

Serneke's CEO Doesn't Rule Out More Cut Backs: "Won't Hesitate..."

Sweden Sweden — During last weeks presentation of the year end results, Serneke's CEO Michael Berglin gave a passionate and decisive account of the company's situation after a challenging and turbulent 2022. He is disappointed with the result but at the same time determined to turn the trend around for the company and does not rule out that there may be more cut backs in the future. He also tells Nordic Property News that the company has outstanding claims for building rights in the major Gothenburg project Karlastaden that were sold in 2022.

Here Is the New Ownership Picture in Serneke

Sweden Sweden — With the conversion of A shares to B shares, the strength among the shareholders has changed at the top.

Conversion of All Series A Shares to Series B Shares in Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Serneke Group AB has received a request from the series A shareholders to convert all shares of series A in Serneke to series B shares, in accordance with the conversion clause in Serneke's articles of association.