Here Is the New Ownership Picture in Serneke

Sweden Sweden — With the conversion of A shares to B shares, the strength among the shareholders has changed at the top.

Conversion of All Series A Shares to Series B Shares in Serneke

Sweden Sweden — Serneke Group AB has received a request from the series A shareholders to convert all shares of series A in Serneke to series B shares, in accordance with the conversion clause in Serneke's articles of association.

Karlatornet Is Now the Tallest Building in Scandinavia

Sweden Sweden — After reaching 193 meters, Balder and Serneke's Karlatornet in Gothenburg, which is still under construction, is now the tallest building in Scandinavia.

He Will Lead the Development of Karlastaden

Sweden Sweden — Daniel Massot becomes the new project and development director for Karlastaden.

Capman Acquires from Serneke

Sweden Sweden — CapMan Residential Fund makes its first Swedish investment through its acquisition of a forward funding project in Örebro.

Serneke Signs Agreement with Ica Fastigheter

Sweden Sweden — Serneke and Ica Fastigheter have signed a turnkey agreement for the new production of an entirely new urban block, covering slightly more than 22,000 sqm in Brunnshög in Lund. The order is valued at SEK 548 million.

Balder and Serneke Construct the Aries Block in Karlastaden

Sweden Sweden — Fastighets AB Balder and Serneke are establishing another joint venture development company to continue the collaboration in Karlastaden, Gothenburg. This time, the joint venture companies will develop the Aries block in Karlastaden involving approximately 190 apartments.

Serneke Sells Uppsala Project

Sweden Sweden — Serneke has sold the housing project Florist in Rosendal, Uppsala, to Lansa Fastigheter. The agreement also includes a turnkey contract to build 202 apartments that will be leased as rental apartments. The real estate transaction and the contract have a total value of MSEK 462.

Ready to Sell New Building Rights in the Hot Development Area

Sweden Sweden — Serneke open to new partnerships for the Karlastaden building rights.

The Challenges of the Construction of the Nordics’ Largest Building

Sweden Sweden — After the Covid delays and the turbulence around the Serneke founder: Here is how the company moves forward with Karlastaden.

Serneke Forms JV to Continue the Development of Karlastaden

Sweden Sweden — Serneke and Fastighets AB Balder are forming a joint company to continue their collaboration in the Karlastaden district. The company will develop three buildings in the district, comprising a total approximately 45,000 square meters GFA and approximately 450 apartments.

Michael Berglin Appointed Permanent CEO of Serneke Group

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Serneke Group has appointed Michael Berglin as President and CEO. Berglin has had the role of acting CEO since February this year and will take up his permanent role immediately.

Balder and Serneke in Joint Residential Project in Northern Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Together, Balder and Serneke will develop approx. 200 apartments in Umeå. The recently awarded land allocation is the starting shot for Balder’s establishment in the city and provides an opportunity for Serneke to boost its presence in Norrland’s largest growth area.

Ola Serneke Steps Down as President and CEO of Serneke Group

Sweden Sweden — Following discussions with the Board of Directors of Serneke Group, Ola Serneke has decided to step down from the role of President and CEO of Serneke Group. He will also be leaving his position as a member of the company's Board of Directors. In his role as President of Serneke Invest, Ola Serneke will retain responsibility for the company's major urban development projects.

Ola Serneke on the Karlatornet Deal: ”A Day of Joy for Us”

Sweden Sweden — Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke, on the importance of Balder’s entrance on the construction of the Nordics’ largest tower, Karlatornet, where they are right now in the construction process, and what the future might hold.

Balder Acquires 50 Percent of Karlatornet

Sweden Sweden — Balder is acquiring 50 per cent of the shares in Karlatornet AB, becomes a shareholder in Serneke Group and has agreed on the acquisition of almost 1,400 rental apartments and just over 12,000 sqm of commercial premises.

CEO Says Serneke Has a Buyer for Karlatornet

Sweden Sweden — Trading in Serneke's share was stopped on Wednesday afternoon, this after CEO Ola Serneke said at a webcast student seminar that a partner was ready in Karlatornet.

Ola Serneke: “We Evaluate All Possibilities”

Sweden Sweden — International expansion plans and questions about the upcoming (?) sale of Karlatornet – which will be the Nordics’ tallest building. Ola Serneke, CEO of Serneke Group, on the current status of the groundbreaking project.

Serneke to Build 414 Rental Apartments in Knivsta

Sweden Sweden — Serneke and Magnolia Bostad have signed a turnkey contract for 414 housing units in Knivsta.

Serneke's Sale of Karlatornet Is Being Postponed

Sweden Sweden — Completion of Serneke's sale of Karlatornet to Oaktree Capital Management, which was due to happen within days, is being postponed. The reason is the uncertain situation in the global financial market caused by the corona pandemic. Consequently, Serneke will minimalize all activities in the construction of the tallest house in the Nordic region.

Serneke to Divest a Majority Stake of Karlatornet to a Global Investor

Sweden Sweden — Serneke has reached an agreement-in-principle with Oaktree Capital Management to divest 80 percent of Karlatornet, situated on the Karlastaden estate in the Lindholmen area of Gothenburg. Serneke will remain as a shareholder in Karlatornet and continue to act as main contractor for the construction of the tallest building in the Nordic region.

Serneke about to Sell Karlatornet to International Investor

Sweden Sweden — Serneke is about to sell Karlatornet, Sweden's tallest building when completed, to an international player.

Serneke Combines Business Areas

Sweden Sweden — Serneke is streamlining and combining its earlier business areas of Project Development and Property Management. Better resource utilization and more efficient processes in the development of the property business are main reasons for the reorganization.

How the Construction Giant will Bounce Back

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish construction giant Serneke has conquered a lot of land lately and will build the highest tower in the Nordic region, but showed poor results in the Q1 report. The founder and CEO Ola Serneke tells Nordic Property News why it looks the way it does, why investors do not have to worry and gives the latest update on the Karlatornet.

Serneke Strikes Back: "They Must Be Erected as well..."

Sweden Sweden — In the battle of the tallest buildings in the Nordic region – Ola Serneke speaks about not being number one, the status of Karlatornet and how they look forward after a turbulent 2018. "You always learn from negative experiences."