NCC to create student homes in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Uppsalahem has contracted NCC to build 276 student apartments in the Kåbo district of central Uppsala. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form and the order value is approximately SEK 260 million.

Wallenstam Divests Property in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Wallenstam has signed an agreement to sell a commercial property in central Uppsala. The property is being sold to Bonnier Fastigheter AB for an agreed property value of SEK 140.5 million.

The American Company's Logistics Plans

Sweden Sweden — The company has an existing facility in which they want to expand. Nordic Property News tells more about the project.

Peab to Build Tenant-Owner Apartments in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Peab has been commissioned to build 93 tenant-owner apartments in Librobäck in Uppsala Municipality. The customer is HSB Produktion i Uppsala HB and the contract is worth SEK 190 million.

Wallenstam Reaches Milestone – After Construction Start in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — The construction of Wallenstam’s 10,000th apartment since the turn of the millennium has started. The production rate of apartments has gradually increased since the company resumed its new construction operations. The magic number of 10,000 apartment construction starts has been passed through the Kompositören project in Rosendal, Uppsala.

Twelve Storey Residential Building to Be Finished in 2023

Sweden Sweden — SKB's block Lysosomen in Hagastaden (Stockholm) is now growing in height and the 128 cooperative residential units are expected to be ready for occupancy in the spring of 2023.

Wallenstam Signs Lease with Healthcare Provider in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Wallenstam has signed a lease with Sweden’s largest private healthcare provider, Praktikertjänst. Right next to Rosendal Square in Uppsala, Praktikertjänst is planning to open both a healthcare center and a child healthcare center in late 2021.

Atrium Ljungberg Buys Two Historic Properties in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Atrium Ljungberg has signed agreements to acquire two properties in the centre of Uppsala: Uppsala Kvarngärdet 33:2, also known as Mejeriet (the Dairy), and parts of Uppsala Kungsängen 22:2. Together these properties comprise almost 12,000 sq m and were acquired for a total of SEK 234 million.

K2A Makes SEK 470 Million Acquisition in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — K2A has signed an agreement to acquire the properties Uppsala 50:1 and 50:2 from Midroc, where 216 rental homes and a LSS home with six homes will be developed.

Huge Residential Plans in Sweden’s Number Four

Sweden Sweden — An area of 350,000 square meters to be developed into residential project in Uppsala.

Areim’s Expansion Possibilities in Sweden’s Number Four

Sweden Sweden — Julia Mejegård, Investments at Areim, after the Uppsala entrance: ”Great conditions when it comes to urbanization.”

The Belgian Investor’s Swedish Expansion Plans

Sweden Sweden — Aedifica’s CEO Stefaan Gielens: “The Swedish market offers strong fundamentals supporting long-term real estate investments.”

Bonava Starts Production of Apartment Buildings in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Bonava is starting the production of 35 tenant-owner apartments in Ultuna, Uppsala. In total, Bonava is planning around 170 homes in several phases.

Why Rental Apartments Are Interesting Investments for NREP

Nordic — NREP's founder Rickard Dahlberg on the acquisition from Besqab, the entry in housing investment in Sweden and which markets are the most attractive for the company.

Uppsala Municipality to Divest Properties for EUR 509M

Sweden Sweden — Uppsala Municipality will continue to develop and renew with housing, workplaces and municipal services. In order to meet the investment needs that are awaiting, it is proposed that parts of the municipal Group's properties be sold, at an estimated value of SEK 5.3 billion (EUR 509M).

"We Are Still Looking for the E-commerce Threat"

Sweden Sweden — Svenska Handelsfastigheter's Vice President Thomas Holm tells about the acquisition in Uppsala and why the company is investing in retail properties when many others stay away.

NCC Expands the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Akademiska Hus to carry out an expansion of the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. The order value is approximately EUR 93M.

NCC to Construct Apartments in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — NCC is to construct the Dansmästaren project in partnering form with Uppsalahem and Uppsala Parkerings AB. The project will include 133 rental apartments, a parking facility and large premises in the Rosendal district of Uppsala. The order value is EUR 30M.

Rikshem Purchases Project Property

Sweden Sweden — The project property is located in Central Uppsala where a social property with 105 new care facilities will be erected. The seller is Fastighetsförädlarna i Mälardalen and a 15 year lease has been signed with Attendo Sverige.

NCC to Construct Property Block in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Bonava to build Kapellgärdet Arena, comprising 152 tenant-owner apartments in Uppsala city center. The order value is approximately EUR 26M.

NCC to Build 644 Apartments in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned to construct an additional 644 apartments in central Uppsala for Magnolia Bostad. The construction assignment marks the second phase of the Senapsfabriken property block. The order value is approximately EUR 67M.

Kungsleden Divests Properties in Uppsala and Botkyrka

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden has signed agreements for the sale of the Flogsta 22:3 property in Uppsala and the greenfield properties Tumba 7:231 and 7:237 in Botkyrka in two separate transactions.

Hemfosa Acquires Properties in Sweden for EUR 103M

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa has signed an agreement to acquire a portfolio of five properties in Örnsköldsvik and a community service property in Uppsala.

Bonava Creates Neighbourhood in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Bonava has concluded an agreement for the acquisition of the Broccolin property block with 200 housing units from Gillöga.

Tobin Continues to Purchase in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Tobin Properties has signed an acquisition deal of the properties Fjärdingen 27:5, Fjärdingen 27:6 and Fjärdingen 29:1 in central Uppsala.