"When Uppsala grows, we must take responsibility for both the economy and social development. Now we see an opportunity to bring in more players with more experience, knowledge and resources to both operate and develop our properties. This will be needed when we develop Gottsunda and the whole of southern Uppsala," says Erik Pelling (S), the chairman of the municipal board.

The properties that are planned to be sold are owned by the Uppsala Municipality Group through Uppsala Kommuns Fastighets AB (UKFAB), Uppsala Kommuns Industrial House AB (IHUS) and Uppsalahem.

Among the properties that are proposed to be sold is Gottsunda center. Uppsala municipality takes a complete approach to the devolpment of the whole Gottsunda area. This work requires a developer with greater experience, knowledge and resources for center development. Gottsunda will be the heart of southern Uppsala with tramway, at least 5,000 new homes, new workplaces, parks and squares and a new city street with tramway. The sale of Gottsunda center will take place through an idea concept competition with clear criteria where the municipality takes responsibility for Gottsunda's development.

Other parts of the property portfolio can be sold to operators who have the business concept of continuing to provide the local business community with affordable and appropriate premises. Even a small part of Uppsalahem's stock can be sold. The profits will then be reinvested in new homes and enable the company to both grow and renovate existing apartments.

"We are pleased that the sales are finally initiated. There is no intrinsic value for the municipality to do what could do be done by private actors. This way we release resources to strengthen Uppsala's finances and enable future investments in a municipality where everyone should be able to realize their life dreams," says Fredrik Ahlstedt (M), second deputy chair of the municipal board.

The municipal council is expected to make the decision at its meeting on April 10.