YIT has signed agreements with Icecapital and OP-Vuokratuotto non-UCITS Fund on the construction of residential projects for rental use in the capital region and in Tampere, Finland. The sales are recorded in the last quarter of the year.

The agreements signed with Icecapital include three rental apartment projects in the capital region. The value of the agreements is approximately EUR 35 million in total, comprising approximately 200 apartments. The construction has started in November and December, and they will be completed in the beginning of 2019. The projects are part of the pre-agreement that YIT and Icecapital signed in 2017 on construction of rental apartments in the capital region.

The agreement signed with OP-Vuokratuotto non-UCITS Fund includes a rental apartments project in Tampere. The value of the agreement is over EUR 15 million, comprising approximately 100 apartments. The construction will be started in February 2018 and it will be completed in summer 2019. The agreement is a part of a pre-agreement earlier signed with OP-Vuokratuotto.