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“There Has Been a Huge Lack of Affordable Rental Apartments”

YIT’s Vice President Hanna Jaakkola tells Nordic Property News about the development of the rental apartment market in Finland over the years, how it is today and the company’s new joint venture.

YIT Invests in a New Finnish Joint Venture That Focuses on Rental Apartments

YIT is involved in founding a joint venture that invests in rental apartments the company has constructed in Finland. The investors in the joint venture are YIT (49 percent) and a group of Finnish private investment companies, including Oma Säästöpankki as well as LähiTapiola Etelä-Pohjanmaa. At the same time, YIT is selling almost 600 completed apartments or apartments that are in the final stage of construction throughout Finland to the new joint venture. The total value of the sold apartments

These Finnish Companies Send Most Delegates to Mipim

Nordic Property News presents the number of registered participants from Finnish companies that will arrive to Mipim in Cannes next week.

YIT-led Consortium Is Proposed as the Developer of Jätkäsaari’s Services Block

The City of Helsinki proposes that the so-called services block in Länsisatama’s Jätkäsaari neighbourhood should be reserved for the consortium formed by YIT, Asuntosäätiö, A-Kruunu Oy, NAL Asunnot Oy and Saraco D&M Oy.

YIT Signs Contract with OP for New Projects

YIT has signed a contract on the realisation of apartment and care projects for investors in Finland worth approximately EUR 54 million. The sales will be entered in the year’s first quarter.

Kati Kivimäki Appointed New MD of Mall of Tripla

Kati Kivimäki, MBA (45), has been appointed as the Managing Director of Mall of Tripla, the shopping centre that will be opened in Central Pasila in autumn 2019. She will start in the position in the spring.

“The List of Things to Do Is Very Long”

The new Managing Director Kati Kivimäki wants to make Mall of Tripla the greatest mall in the Nordics. She tells Nordic Property News about her vision, the tasks before the opening and whether she sees Swedish Mall of Scandinavia as an inspiration.

YIT Signs Implementation Contract on First Phase of Trigoni Project

YIT has signed a contract with the City of Helsinki and Senate Properties on the implementation of the first phase (start-up area) of the Trigoni project and on the purchase of the start-up area.

“Consumer Confidence in Finland During the Last Year Was Solid”

YIT’s Vice President Hanna Jaakkola on the development in Finland, the last year for YIT and which project that is the most important in 2019.

YIT Builds Campus in Juva

YIT and the municipality of Juva in eastern Finland have signed a contract for the implementation of the Juva school campus using the life-cycle model. The campus, to be built on the site of the current school centre, will include a day-care centre for 100 children, a comprehensive school, upper secondary school and sports facilities. The total value of the contract is approximately EUR 30 million, which will be entered in order backlog for the first quarter of 2019. Construction will begin in F

Largest Finnish Companies – on Social Media

Nordic Property News has charted how influential the listed housing, construction and real estate companies are on social media. Here is the industry's most powerful in Finland.

HOK-Elanto Concentrates Its Operations to Tripla

The newest operator moving into Tripla’s Workery offices in Helsinki, Finland, is HOK-Elanto, the biggest regional cooperative of the S Group. The new lease agreement brings the occupancy rate of Tripla’s office spaces up to about 80 percent.

YIT to Sell the Duetto II

YIT and Baltic Horizon Fund have agreed on the sale of Duetto II office building located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The value of the deal is approximately EUR 18 million. The building was taken into use December 2018.

Regenero Sells to EQ

YIT, HGR Property Partners and their joint venture Regenero have sold the Tietotie 6 property in Otaniemi, Espoo to Special Investment Fund EQ Care (AIF).

YIT to Expand Lapland Central Hospital

YIT and the Lapland Hospital District joint municipal authority have signed an agreement on the development stage of the Lapland Central Hospital expansion project.

YIT Sells All Tripla Office Properties

YIT has sold the Tripla’s Workery offices, being built in Pasila, Helsinki, as a whole to an international investor. Tripla’s Workery offices, called Workery East and Workery West, are developed, constructed and owned by YIT. Their leasable area is approximately 50,000 square metres.

YIT Launches a New Housing Development in Moscow

YIT continues the construction of the Finskiy development in the city of Shchyolkovo northeast from Moscow with its eighth apartment building in the district. The new 16-storey building will house 300 apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom flats, with a total floor area of 13,500 square metres. The total value of the project is nearly EUR 12 million, and the construction began in October 2018.

YIT to Build New Production, Storage and Office Premises for Huhtamaki

YIT will expand and renovate Huhtamaki’s production, storage and business premises in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The customer in the project is NREP Logicenters, a Nordic developer and owner of modern logistics properties. The turnkey contract includes a new building of around 15,000 square metres and the renovation of 2,700 square metres of existing premises.

YIT and Are to Build the Kaitaa Metro Station in Espoo

A consortium formed by YIT and Are and Länsimetro Oy have signed an agreement on the construction of the Kaitaa station on the West Metro line in Espoo. The value of the contract is approximately EUR 47 million, whereof YIT’s share is approximately EUR 33 million.

YIT Rents 21,000 sqm to Telia

YIT and Telia Finland have signed a long-term lease agreement on the Tripla Workery East offices under construction in Pasila, Helsinki, Finland. The agreement covers approximately 21,000 square metres in the easternmost quarter of Tripla above the new Pasila station.

Five Brands Make Their Nordic Entrance at Mall of Tripla

Mall of Triple outside Helsinki becomes home to five fashion brands making their entrance into the Nordic markets.

YIT to Sell Projects in Finnish Growth Centres to Investors

YIT to sell projects in Finnish growth centres to investors and the first plots to the newly established plot fund.

YIT to Construct New Hotel in Turku

YIT, Rausanne Oy and Turun Osuuskauppa (S Group, Turku Cooperative Society) together have agreed to construct a new hotel in Kupittaa, Turku. The value of the transaction is approximately EUR 30M. The project will be entered in the order backlog for the second quarter of the year.

YIT and Are to Build Metro Station in Espoo

A consortium formed by YIT, Are and Länsimetro Oy have signed an agreement on the construction of the Soukka station on the West Metro line in Espoo. The value of the contract is approximately EUR 50M, whereof YIT’s share is approximately EUR 35M.

YIT in Several Apartment Building Projects

YIT has started several apartment building projects during April and May. The largest of the started projects include Helsingin Pikkutylli, Kauniaisten Kreivi and Vantaan Koukku, among others, with value of approximately EUR 50M in total.