EVP at YIT Leaves the Company

Finland Finland — Juhani Nummi, Executive Vice President, Development and the member of YIT Management Team leaves the company.

YIT Extends the Maturity of Credit Facility

Finland Finland — YIT extends the maturity of its credit facility by one month.

YIT Makes Record-Investment in Baltic Residential

Finland Finland — BTA Baltic Insurance Company, a part of the Vienna Insurance Group, has agreed with the Finnish construction company and developer YIT to establish a joint venture and co-invest a total of EUR 120 million in rental apartments in the Baltics.

International Investor Makes Logistics Acquisition from YIT

Finland Finland — YIT has signed an agreement to sell a logistics property of approximately 15,000 square metres located in Vantaa’s Hakkila district to an international investment company.

YIT: These Are the Corona Effects in the Construction Industry

Finland Finland — Corona not only pushed the traditionally site-oriented construction industry to develop, it also offered great opportunities to create completely new practices and services, Finnish construction giant YIT concludes in a statement.

YIT Recruits New CFO

Finland Finland — YIT Corporation's Board of Directors has appointed Tuomas Mäkipeska as YIT’s Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Group Management Team. He shall take over his position latest at the beginning of February 2022.

Several Residential Projects Started by YIT

Finland Finland — YIT started several residential apartment building projects in Finland and the CEE countries in April-June 2021.

Quadoro Makes Acquisition from YIT

Finland Finland — YIT and the German real estate investment company Quadoro have signed an agreement for the sale of the offices of the Bulevardikortteli block in Järvenpää.

YIT to Build a School Centre in Turenki

Finland Finland — The municipality of Janakkala has chosen YIT as its partner to build the new school and multipurpose centre in Turenki.

YIT Appoints EVP

Finland Finland — YIT has appointed Pasi Tolppanen as the Executive Vice President of Infrastructure segment and a member of the Group Management Team. He shall take over his position latest at the beginning of September 2021.

After the Dismissal of the Predecessor: Here Is the Main Focus for YIT’s New CEO

Finland Finland — YIT’s President and CEO Markku Moilanen, tells Nordic Property News on the first weeks in the powerful position, what he will change in the Finnish construction giant, and the recruitment of real estate profile Ilkka Tomperi,

Ilkka Tomperi Leaves Varma for YIT: “A Great Opportunity”

Finland Finland — Renowned Finnish real estate profile Ilkka Tomperi, currently Investment Director, Head of Real Estate at Varma leaves the company to join YIT as Executive Vice President of Partnership Properties and member of the Group Management Team. He tells Nordic Property News what attracted him about his new position, the opportunities to team up with external capital and about leaving Varma.

Regenero Sells Two Properties in Keilaniemi

Finland Finland — Regenero, a joint venture formed by YIT and HGR Property Partners, has closed the property transaction concerning Keilalampi and the Keilaniemenranta pavilions in Espoo.

Here Are the Future Finnish Logistics Challenges

Finland Finland — Timo Lehmus, EVP at the construction giant YIT, on the major rental agreement with Postnord, the current state of the Finnish logistics market, and the project pipeline.

YIT to Build a Logistics Centre for Postnord in Hakkila

Finland Finland — Nordic communications and logistics provider Postnord and YIT have signed a rental agreement concerning Postnord’s new logistics centre in Hakkila, Vantaa.

Markku Moilanen Appointed YIT CEO – Will Commence in April

Finland Finland — Markku Moilanen has been appointed President and CEO of YIT. Moilanen will commence on 1 April 2021.

YIT to Expand Central Hospital

Finland Finland — YIT and Kymsote-Kiinteistöt Oy have signed a contract on the construction of the Kymenlaakso Central Hospital expansion, utilising a cooperative project management contract model.

YIT Sells Part of the Hybrid Block in Lahti to OP

Finland Finland — YIT has sold part of the hybrid block in the city centre of Lahti at Aleksanterinkatu 11 to the special fund managed by OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd.

YIT: A Normalisation to Expect on the Finnish Construction Market

Finland Finland — Esa Neuvonen, EVP, Partnership Properties segment at YIT, on the latest logistics divestment, the Finnish investment market, and future targets for the construction giant.

YIT to Launch Construction of the Järvenpää Bulevardikortteli Block Next Spring

Finland Finland — The new central block will launch the renewal of Järvenpää’s city centre by combining high-quality living, services and office spaces.

YIT Sells K3 North

Finland Finland — YIT has signed a contract on the sale of the K3 North property to a fund managed by an international investment company. The K3 North property is located in the neighbourhood of Viinikkala in Vantaa, Finland, close to Helsinki Airport.

YIT Started the Construction of Five Apartment Buildings in Russia in July–September

Finland Finland — YIT has started the construction of five new apartment buildings in Russia in July–September. The properties are located in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and the Moscow region, and their combined value exceeds EUR 40 million. The buildings will consist of nearly 800 apartments in total. The residential start-ups will be entered in the order backlog of the third quarter of 2020.

YIT's CEO Kari Kauniskangas to Step Down

Finland Finland — Kari Kauniskangas will leave his position as the President and CEO of YIT Corporation. The Board of Directors has already embarked upon the search process for a new CEO, and appointed Antti Inkilä, EVP of Housing Finland and CEE segment of YIT, as interim President and CEO effective 23 October 2020.

The Local Detailed Plan of the Kruunuvuorenranta Centre Block Is Progressing

Finland Finland — The preliminary contract on the sale of the property and local detailed plan proposal of YIT and the City of Helsinki concerning the planning and implementation of the Kruunuvuorenranta Centre Block are progressing and will be discussed in the Urban Environment Division on October 20, 2020. YIT was selected as the Centre Block negotiating partner for the City of Helsinki through registration and negotiation proceedings organised in 2017.

“We Are in a Solid Position for Next Year”

Finland Finland — Just over six months have passed since the corona outbreak started to make an impact on the investment market across Europe. How has it affected the Nordic giants? Nordic Property News has spoken to some of the companies in the Nordics. Today: Kari Kauniskangas, CEO of the Finnish construction heavyweight, YIT.