Gångaren 11 on Kungsholmen is a property of approximately 30,000 sqm offices, fully leased to Skandia. Areim will be in charge of the strategic counseling regarding the property and therefore, cooperate with Allianz Real Estate Group on the Swedish market. Novis responsibilities encompass the commercial, technical and financial management. The assignment began on October 1st.
“We are very happy and proud of the confidence Allianz has bestowed upon us. It is a wonderful property and we look forward to managing it and the tenant relations in the best way possible. It is also great to cooperate with the property’s Asset Manager Areim” says Anna Smith, Head of Customer Relations for Allianz at Novi Real Estate.
“We sometimes accept counseling assignments for existing investors and partners and therefore we will gladly assist as Allianz once again invests on the Swedish market. The fact that Skandia’s headquarters are located in the property makes it extra interesting and it is a well looked after property that AMF hands over to us” says Peter Salmén, Asset Manager at Areim.