YIT will be responsible for the planning, building and maintenance of the campus for a period of 20 years in accordance with the life-cycle model. The maintenance period will begin after the completion of the premises in December 2020.

“In the selection of the constructor, particular attention was paid to the functionality of the premises, the architectural solutions and the environmental targets,” says Mervi Simoska, Municipal Manager of Juva. ”YIT’s solution best matched our requirements in terms of both content and price.” 

The life-cycle model ensures that the completed premises are safe and healthy. Thanks to systematic maintenance and maximised energy efficiency, the property’s carbon footprint can be kept as low as possible.

“In the project model, the life cycle of the property is viewed as a whole, not just by focusing on the investment cost,” explains Esa Neuvonen, Executive Vice President, Business Premises at YIT.

Special attention has been paid to the design of innovative space solutions that enable diverse forms of learning and working. The adaptable premises can be put to active use as efficiently as possible through various free-time activities. These include the Lukioteatteri school theatre group that operates on the campus.

The architecture of the campus takes into account the central location in the municipal centre as well as the nearby historically valuable stone church. The calm architecture of the building is offset by small elements that introduce a sense of play and character appropriate for early childhood education and school. The materials are timeless and blend in with the surroundings. The campus and its courtyard act as a communal living room for the town’s residents.

“The campus can be enjoyed by all the local residents, from children in day care to pensioners. Various groups can arrange their own activities in the premises,” says Simoska.