Logicenters Develops for Bring

Logicenters Develops for Bring. Image: Logicenters
Logicenters Develops for Bring.

Denmark Denmark Logicenters will develop a 14,872 square meter property just outside Copenhagen. An almost twelve-meter-high cross-dock facility with modern and flexible specifications will be constructed and planned to be completed in 2020. The tenant Bring will move into the building upon completion.


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On April 1, 2020, a 14,872 square meter property will be completed at Ventrupparken 4 in Greve. Most of the plant's surface, 11,160 square meters, will be rented by Bring Denmark. The development is carried out by Logicenters and the property will be one of the first cross-dock facilities of this modern character.
Sorting will be possible in two levels as the building will be about twelve meters high.
A 2,000 square meter mezzanine office is also possible due to the height. At the same time, a generic plant is built with a long-term perspective in order to be able to adapt to future logistics needs, for example, to be converted to a warehouse.
“We look forward to moving in to new and modern premises adapted for both our environmental profile but also our major investment in online shopping. The new logistics facility strengthens our position as one of the Nordic region's most important logistics players,” says Jens Rom, Managing Director at Bring Denmark.
The cross-dock facility will have a clear environmental profile and will be equipped with solar panels on the roof. The safety of the staff is also prioritized through a footbridge from the parking lot to the office.
“We are incredibly proud to build a facility that reflects the logistics of the future in Greve. The solar panels, the footbridge and the height are examples a very modern logistics facility. Logicenters should always be at the forefront of this type of property development and it is fun that Bring is part of this journey,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, Commercial Head at Logicenters.

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