Kildare owns more than nine-tenths of all the shares and votes in Technopolis and has initiated redemption proceedings in accordance with Chapter 18 of the Finnish Companies Act in order to redeem all the remaining Technopolis shares held by the minority shareholders. Provided that the arbitral tribunal appointed for the redemption proceedings confirms that Kildare’s redemption right is clear, Kildare is entitled to gain title to all the shares in Technopolis by posting a security approved by the arbitral tribunal for the payment of the redemption price.

The application for the termination of trading and the delisting of the Technopolis shares will be submitted to the Listing Committee of Nasdaq Helsinki today. In the application, Technopolis will request that the delisting of its shares would take place as soon as possible upon Kildare having gained title to all the shares in Technopolis in the redemption proceedings.