Kildare has posted security approved by the arbitral tribunal appointed by the Redemption Board of the Finland Chamber of Commerce in connection with the redemption proceedings concerning the minority shares in Technopolis Plc. Kildare has thus gained title to all the shares in Technopolis in accordance with Chapter 18, Section 6 of the Finnish Companies Act. After the security has been posted and the title to the minority shares transferred, the minority shareholders of Technopolis being parties to the redemption proceedings are entitled to receive only the redemption price and the interest payable thereon.

Upon Technopolis’ application, Nasdaq Helsinki has on February 14, 2019 decided that the shares in Technopolis will be delisted from the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki after Kildare has gained title to all the shares in Technopolis in the redemption proceedings in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act. The listing of the Technopolis shares on Nasdaq Helsinki ceased today in accordance with a separate release published by Nasdaq Helsinki.