When Fredrik Wirdenius took office in 2008, one of Europe's largest real estate transactions was carried out, when AP Fastigheter bought old Vasakronan and at the same time took the name Vasakronan. Since then, Vasakronan has established itself as one of the most development-oriented companies in the Swedish market. In 2019 the company was appointed, among other things, to Europe's most sustainable real estate company and the ninth most sustainable in the world.

"During Fredrik's time, Vasakronan has shown that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. The development we have seen I think many can subscribe to is a proof of how modern leadership can build something unique. The return to the owners, which forms part of Sweden's pension capital, has been well above the average in the industry for all years," says Ulrika Francke, Chairman of the Board of Vasakronan.

"This is not a sudden decision for me, but something that I have been thinking about for a while. I think it's good for all companies not to have a CEO who is sitting too long. This company is well positioned for the future and I believe that the one who takes over will be impressed with the knowledge that exists in the company," says Fredrik Wirdenius.

The recruitment of a new CEO commences immediately and the Board agrees with Fredrik that he will continue as CEO until the new CEO takes office.