Johanna Skogestig Appointed New CEO of Vasakronan

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors has appointed Johanna Skogestig as new CEO of Vasakronan. She is currently head of Vasakronan's real estate investments and will succeed Fredrik Wirdenius who leaves the position on November 1, 2019.

Vasakronan Rents 15,000 sqm in Stockholm CBD to King and Stureplansgruppen

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan has signed an agreement with King and the Stureplansgruppen for a total of 15,000 square meters in the project property Sergelhuset in Stockholm city.

Vasakronan Acquires Juvelen

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan acquires the Uppsala office property Juvelen from Skanska for MSEK 563 (EUR 53M).

Why Wirdenius Leaves Vasakronan

Sweden Sweden — The CEO of the Nordic Region’s largest real estate company, Fredrik Wirdenius, steps down from his position. Wirdenius tells Nordic Property News about the decade as CEO, why more investors are looking at Sweden today and why people in the industry quickly can become irrelevant.

Fredrik Wirdenius Steps Down as CEO of Vasakronan

Sweden Sweden — After eleven years as CEO of Vasakronan, Fredrik Wirdenius has informed the Board that he wishes to leave his assignment.

Skanska Builds and Renovates Offices for Vasakronan in Sundbyberg

Sweden Sweden — Skanska has signed an agreement with Vasakronan on the construction of two office buildings and the renovation of an existing building in Sundbyberg.

This Is What You Should Avoid at This Year’s Mipim

Nordic — Johanna Skogestig, Head of Real Estate Investments at Vasakronan, shares her Mipim Tuesday plan and says what she will avoid and which event she does not want to miss.

Vasakronan Lease 12,600 sqm to Handelsbanken

Sweden Sweden — Handelsbanken signs a six-year deal in Stockholm, as authority moves out.

The Investment Manager Focuses on the Four Major Cities

Sweden Sweden — Sweden's largest real estate company Vasakronan has made its last deal outside the big cities. This is why Wihlborgs was the natural buyer in the latest deal.

Wihlborgs Makes Major Acquisition in Lund

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs acquires two office properties in Lund from Vasakronan for SEK 1.26 billion (EUR 120M).

Vasakronan Rents 42,000 sqm to the Swedish Tax Agency

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan leases about 42,000 sqm to the Swedish Tax Agency in the Nya Kronan property in Sundbyberg. The contract includes two new buildings and an existing building that is being refurbished. The rental period extends over ten years, and occupancy takes place at the end of 2021.

Vasakronan Rents 7,200 sqm to Statistics Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan rents an additional 7,200 sqm in Solna Strand to Statistics Sweden.

Vasakronan Sells to Stena

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan sells properties in Lund to Stena Fastigheter for MSEK 370 (EUR 35.7M).

Vaskronan Rents 6,600 sqm to the Swedish Council for Higher Education

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan rents 6,600 sqm in the new project Strand in Solna, Stockholm, to the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

"Rents Will Rise"

Sweden Sweden — Fredrik Wirdenius, CEO of Vasakronan, tells Nordic Property News of the companies strong progress and his view on the rental market going forward.

Vasakronan Issues Green Commercial Paper to Finance Green Assets

Sweden Sweden — In November 2013, Vasakronan issued the world’s first green corporate bond. Since then, bonds totalling SEK 18.5 billion have been issued making Vasakronan the Nordic region’s largest issuer of green corporate bonds. Now the company is issuing the world’s first green commercial paper, with the funds earmarked for green assets.

Vasakronan Acquires Retail Property in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan has acquired the property Dragarbrunn 18: 3 in central Uppsala from SEB Trygg Liv. The purchase price amounts to MSEK 284.5 (EUR 27.7M).

Vasakronan Sells to Trianon

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan has signed a deal with Trianon regarding the divestment of the Smedjan 13 and 15 properties. The purchase price amounts to EUR 9M.

JM Acquires Building Rights in Solna

Sweden Sweden — JM is acquiring building rights from Vasakronan in Järvastaden, Solna, which is located just north of Stockholm.

Stockholm's Largest Owners

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the largest owners in Sweden’s three biggest cities the list ends with the capital: Stockholm.

Gothenburg’s Largest Owners

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the largest owners in Sweden’s three biggest cities today the turn has come to the only Swedish city with an established English name: Gothenburg.

Malmö’s Largest Owners

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the largest owners in Sweden’s three biggest cities starting with Malmö.

Skanska Divests for EUR 225M

Nordic — Skanska divests two properties in Stockholm and one in Oslo to Vasakronan, Aberdeen and Entra for a total of EUR 225M.

NCC to Refurbish Sergelhuset for Vasakronan

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Vasakronan to refurbish part of the Hästskon 12 property block, also known as Sergelhuset, converting it from office space to a hotel and apartments. The assignment is a turnkey contract in the form of a partnering agreement and the order is worth EUR 56M.

Vasakronan Sells – HSB Constructs Apartments

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan sells a part of the Telefonfabriken 1 property at Telefonplan in Stockholm for MSEK 721 (€78M). The buyer is HSB Bostad, who is going to build 480 apartments in three quarters on the property.