Vasakronan has a long history of successful real estate business and the result for the first half of 2022 was one of the company's best ever. Now the organization is changing with the goal of creating even better conditions for the company to take long-term advantage of new business and development opportunities. The change involves a coordination of resources and competences in three areas; Technology, Customer and market as well as Investments and projects.

To further increase the pace of sustainability work, the technology organization is being refined with Sandra Jonsson as technology manager. Sandra will thus take a place in the company's management team. Nicklas Walldan, becomes development manager for a newly formed unit that includes IT, Purchasing and Customer Service. Anna Denell, head of sustainability for many years, also joins the management team.

The resources for customer and market processing in the various locations are coordinated under the leadership of Bo de Besche, who will become head of the new Customer and Market unit. In connection with this, Anna Nordin takes over as the new head of Stockholm. Anna Stenkil and Kristina Pettersson Post remain as managers for Malmö and Gothenburg respectively. Britt Lindqvist returns to Vasakronan after some time outside the company to take on the role of business development manager within Customer and Market. The unit also includes the Marketing department under the leadership of Viktoria Nilsson, marketing manager.

Jan-Erik Hellman is head of the company's investment and project operations, which now includes the transaction, urban development and project implementation departments.

"We have gradually and over time made adjustments in various parts of the organization. With the formation of this new organization, we are taking the next step and creating even better conditions to continue to meet the customers' rising demands and expectations in a good way," says Johanna Skogestig, CEO.

The new organization comes into effect on 1 October and the company's management team from then on consists of: Johanna Skogestig, CEO. Bo de Besche, head of customer and market. Jan-Erik Hellman, head of investments and projects. Sandra Jonsson, Head of Technology. Christer Nerlich, Head of Economics and Finance. Nicklas Walldan, head of development. Sheila Florell, General Counsel. Cecilia Söderström, HR manager and Anna Denell, sustainability manager.

Ronald Bäckrud and Peter Östman are leaving the management team for other assignments in the company until the turn of the year 2023/24 when they have announced that they intend to retire.