The change of name is part of a process where the company makes strategic investments in embracing the entire value chain, thereby creating higher returns for the company's partners.

The name Arkitektgruppen has over time given certain challenges and sent the signal that the company consists solely of architects. AG Gruppen embraces the range of services the company offers, while building a bridge between the well-established and strong brand that the Architect Group has, and has been since 1986.

"With the acronym for the AG Gruppen, we bridge the gap between our old name and the future without sacrificing the values ​​we have accumulated over the years," says CEO Robin Feddern, who emphasizes that the Arkitektgruppen also continues with the new name as a Danish owned and managed company that will work for both Danish and foreign customers.

So far, the company's core business has been project development and turnkey contractor. This business is now supplemented with an increased focus on investment relations, and strategic collaborations, so that the AG Gruppen can work from start to finish in the value chain.

“We have an ambition to create Denmark's best full-service property developer, and with the investments we have made in this development over the past few years, we feel that we are well on our way. Among other things, this means that we must be able to take foreign investors into their hands when they want to enter Denmark, and screw an investment product together that fits in with their investment mandates, while also providing the high-quality development projects that we now has been supplying for more than 30 years. This enables us to help secure foreign investments that are adapted to the specific terms and values ​​that apply to the Danish market," says Robin Feddern.

From now on, the new name and design will be rolled out on the various platforms of the Architect Group.