The project development company AG Gruppen has sold a residential project consisting of 76 new apartments at Amager Strandvej in Copenhagen to the investment company Patrizia.

The project is being built on a former industrial site, where the metal factory Baltic had previously been housed, but which is now transformed into a total of 8641 square meters of exclusive housing and business right next to Amager Strandpark. The former factory with the attractive location is torn down and the project, which goes under the name No. 130, is already under construction.

The completion of the project at Amager Strandvej 130 will at the same time mark the end of one of the last major projects in the urban development area Amager Strandpark. The area has, over the past 10 years, evolved from a worn industrial neighborhood to a new attractive residential neighborhood in Copenhagen. AG Gruppen has developed and built more than 300 new homes, offices and shops at Amager Strand.

The project was designed by Holscher Nordberg architects, and the new residents will benefit from the coastal location, optimum utilization of the recreational opportunities and the outdoor spaces with, among other things. balconies or terraces for each dwelling. Many get a view of the Sound and everyone has access to beautiful, green areas in an urban environment that is easy to get to and from. In addition, green roofs, underground car parks, courtyards and recreational green areas are established that utilize the conservation-worthy plantation on the plot as part of the new landscape project.

When the project is ready for next year, it will be with 76 new, modern and very different apartment buildings as well as two business premises on the ground floor just opposite Amager Strandpark and close to the city's vibrant life.

"It has been important for us to ensure a diversity in the disposition of the apartments, which matches the demands of today's mixed family forms and the diversity of the city. We have from the beginning put great emphasis on respect for the special spirit, architecture and cultural history that characterize this part of Amager. This means that there is a straight line from the recreational natural environment close to the sea before the industry came into being, to the mixed homes of the future, which are also characterized by the proximity to the water and the green," says Robin Feddern, CEO of AG Gruppen.

Colliers has been a broker, while Plesner and Accura have represented respectively the seller and buyer.