Dreyers Fond has just expanded its portfolio with two well-maintained corner properties in the border area between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg. One property has the address Engtoftevej 1 and is located at the corner of this and Frederiksberg Allé. The other property has the address Værnedamsvej 8 and is located on the corner of this and Tullinsgade.

“Since the Dreyers Fond has over the years built up great knowledge and competence in the area around Frederiksberg Allé, it is a natural place for us to invest. When we invest, we look for attractive properties of high architectural value, and both new properties in the portfolio live up to much, ”says Bo Rygaard, director of the Dreyers Fond.

In addition to the two new properties, Dreyers Fond already has eight major properties in the same neighborhood, and the fund has a total of 23 properties in Greater Copenhagen, divided into housing, business and industry. The substantial property portfolio constitutes the primary business activity and thus the foundation of the fund's philanthropic distributions, which according to the foundation are targeted lawyers and architects.

“The Dreyers Fond is founded to support the development of the architectural and law profession, and we achieve optimal conditions for investing safely, solidly and with high returns. We have been successful with this so far and could therefore, last year, distribute the highest amount in the fund's history," says Bo Rygaard.

Dreyers Fond follows the same trend as many of the Danish funds, where increased visibility, social commitment and responsible investments are in focus.