As previously announced, the property that was signed in March is located in Siilinjärvi, a suburb of Kuopio. It has a lettable area of 4,500 sqm and is let to Halpa-Halli.

The two new properties signed and closed last week have a total area of some 8,000 sqm, are located in Liminka and Jämsä and are let to Halpa-Halli and Tokmanni respectively.

The final acquisition signed last week is regarding a Tokmanni asset of some 3,000 sqm located in Virrat. The property is still under construction and the transaction is estimated to close in January 2020.

The total price for the three previously unannounced assets, located in Liminka, Jämsä and Virrat, amount to some € 15 million. These acquisitions are financed with the new debt facility announced on 24 June 2019.

"With these acquisitions, we have already announced new acquisitions for some EUR 45 million this year and are a long way on delivering on the promise to keep a steady acquisitions pace of EUR 50 million per year," says Sverker Källgården, CEO of Cibus.