"We are very happy to welcome our new tenants to Hacksta and are particularly pleased that we managed to fill the vacancies so quickly after ABB left," says Mats Eriksson, Kungsleden's regional manager for Västerås/Mälardalen.

Hacksta is a well-established and strategically located industrial area near both Västerås harbour and the railway. Here, many well-known companies have operations, including ICA, Jernhusen and RagnSells.

The new tenants are:

# Fashion company KidsBrandstore, leasing 7,200 sq.m. of office and warehouse space for its e-commerce.

# Städhem Padel Arena, leasing 2,800 sq.m. to open a new padeltennis hall.

# Energy company Mälarenergi, leasing 5,250 sq.m. for warehouses and lighter industrial operations.

# Baby products company Twistshake, leasing 4 455 sq.m. of office and warehouse space for its e-commerce.

# The average contract duration for the new lease agreements is 5.5 years and the combined total rental value amounts to approximately SEK 17 million per year. Admission date is between June 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020.