In Odense's new green district Gartnerbyen, which connects Vesterbro and Bolbro, PFA is now building its first senior housing community consisting of 86 senior-friendly apartments, a 380 sqm large community house and a shared green courtyard. The homes will vary in size from two to three rooms and from 65-95 sqm.

The construction is part of PFA's strategy to build and develop housing that targets the ever-growing group of seniors who are looking for affordable, senior-friendly housing, are centrally located and with the opportunity to be part of some social communities.

“In the coming years there will be a significant increase in the senior segment, and although they are largely healthy, their needs and preferences change with age. For example, there may be a desire to spend less time gardening or maintaining a large home and a greater need to prioritize interests and sense of community. This is why we are building senior housing communities to help increase the quality of life for the target group. At the same time, it is a solid and long-term investment that will make a positive contribution to the pension savings of PFA's customers," says Michael Bruhn, Real Estate Director.

PFA is in the process of building a senior housing community in Horsens, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“We at PFA have a targeted track in our Danish real estate investment strategy, where different types of housing offers for the senior segment are realized. In the development of the senior housing community in Odense, we have tested a model in which we collaborate with Odense Housing Company on the operation of the communal facilities - this will be an advantage for both PFA's private rental housing and the general housing, as Odense Housing Company has experience in operating this type of community," says Mikael Fogemann, Chief Portfolio Manager at PFA.