The Swedish retail superstore Gekås acquires three residential properties comprising 330 rental apartments in Halmstad from Järngrinden.

"We are obviously pleased to have Gekås as new owner for the apartments. Gekås gets a very nice product to add to its real estate portfolio. As the general contractor for the project, Tornstaden was appointed to carry out the construction, which is a partner Järngrinden has a very good cooperation with. The result of Tegelbruket is a nice receipt that confirms this," says Tobias Johannesson, Vice President of Järngrinden Projektutveckling AB, who has also been responsible for the project.

"With the acquisition of Tegelbruket, Gekås will have a cohesive large and efficient management unit with 330 rental properties in a nice environment to add to our property portfolio," says Boris Lennerhov, CEO of Gekås.

Since the acquisition Tegelbruket is managed by Riksbyggen on behalf of Gekås.