In recent years, Høje Taastrup has had a massive focus on urban renewal - and soon another new housing project is coming to light. Koncenton has just purchased a large real estate project at Spotorno Allé, where they, together with the development company KPC and total contractor Raundahl & Moesby, are working together to construct three properties of no less than 12,000 square meters.

“We are investing once again in Høje Taastrup, where we see great potential in the housing market. In Denmark, there have been large relocations to the big cities for a number of years, but the migrants no longer necessarily search for the center of Copenhagen. Urbanization is spreading, which means areas such as Høje Taastrup, with only 25 minutes drive to Town Hall Square, become very attractive,” says investment manager at Koncenton, Oliver Peters.

At the same time, the flourishing in the outer areas of Copenhagen means that opportunities to find housing are increasing.

“Koncenton would like to help expand the palette of homes in Denmark. There must be rental housing for anyone who wants to live close to Copenhagen. In Høje Taastrup, we build apartments of several sizes that cater to both the single, the family or the couple,” says Oliver Peters.

He also emphasizes the urban renewal in Høje Taastrup C as an obvious feature patch, where the construction on Spotorno Allé fits well. In recent years, the High Taastrup Municipality has initiated a number of major development projects, in which several existing residential areas are undergoing renewal.

“We have really good experiences from Høje Taastrup, where we already have two properties. That's why we know the area and its attractiveness," says Oliver Peters.

The seller is a consortium consisting of KPC and Raundahl & Moesby, and from Carsten Raundahl, CEO of Raundahl & Moesby, says:

“We look forward to realizing the project and expanding our collaboration with Koncenton. We know Koncenton as a professional partner and talented real estate investor, so it's a perfect match.”

Facts about the real estate project

The real estate project at Spotorno Allé was designed by Arkitema Architects and consists of three properties with a total living space of 12,000 square meters. These are primarily two-, three- and four-room apartments of 42-107 square meters (gross), but there are also a smaller number of one- and five-room apartments respectively. 44 square meters and 109 square meters (gross).

The buildings range in height from 4 to 6 floors and are equipped with lifts. Between the buildings, green common areas are planted, giving residents ample opportunity for games, play, picnics and sunbathing.

Rental is ongoing and relocation is expected to begin when the first property is completed on October 1, 2020. The final acquisition of all three properties will take place April 2021.